Fishing Blog 13th September 2012

Well it looks like the ski season is over so I can finally start to set up the tackle shop again
I have been out checking out the fish in the rivers and they are everywhere and with the snow melt that will happen over the next few weeks the Opening of the rivers will be awesome
I always get a little excited about the opening day scene, For some of us more passionate angler I think it’s like remembering when you were very young and still sort of believed in the big man in the red suit. Opening day is that Xmas day, the day we spend with fishing mates all very social and happy even if it’s blowing a gale or snowing as it has done the last few years. Yes there will be plenty of anglers on the river as there always is on opening day but that’s the river anglers social event of the year if you’re not willing to share it with your fellow anglers stay away is my advice.
The opening long  weekend  Sat 29th September will be one that you wouldn’t want to miss, and to brag about how many fish you released on the day over a nice cold beer in front of the open fire in the bar at the Snowgoose hotel that is what opening is all about.
I will be out later today checking out the lakes I have heard that Tantangara is fishing well from the edge in feral conditions and Euc is just about ready to fire up also I know the trollers have been doing very well of late some very good quality browns but you do have to work them out.

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