Fishing report : Lake Eucumbene

Hi Col,
Thursday 23 July 2015:
After arranging my ‘home-duties’ and a quick look at the weather Channel, I was able to organising myself for a couple of hours from the shoreline. The 1.5hr drive from Canberra goes quickly, and I arrived at ‘Rushies’ around 1030hrs,
(temp. hovering around 3 degrees Celsius, but no wind), and after a brief walk, arrived at a likely Bay. Initially, with weighted Bugger, blind casting and working an area proved fruitless, but I was still happy with my process and enjoying ‘being there’, the weather – though cold, was bearable. Whilst enjoying a cuppa and a break, I noticed a couple of ‘rises’ further along the bank. Interesting – then a couple more, then another one….not the same fish, ‘what’s going’ on’ ? .On previous occasions with seeing this, I would normally rush down the bank and commence
lathering the surface to a fine foam, but I thought…. do something different. So I sat for a few more minutes – watching.  Mmmmm, more rises…. but the fish arn’t crashing through the meniscus – they’re collecting something just under the surface. Having now been observing for about 5 Mins. The ‘Rising Fish’ and ‘Boils’ were now becoming more frequent and over a larger area – and interestingly, when the sun came out from behind the clouds, there appeared to be more activity. So, having never fished successfully using midge patterns on the Lake – I tied a midge imitation
to my leader. Second cast ! Bang ! Nearly ripped the rod from my hands! Went to the backing in about 3 seconds!
The fish Headed for the other end of the Lake !! Jump (nice Rainbow) – Hook comes away, gone. WHOA – how good was that!! – retrieve line, check the fly – actually still in good condition. Next cast – Bang ! unbelievable, still shaking from the previous encounter and its all a bit ‘deja vu’,Gone – he dropped/threw the fly. What a Rush !!!! Am I doing something wrong ?? Don’t care !! Is this what ‘it’s’ all about !!
Decided to have a little break, surely I’ve stirred the fish up a bit – and maybe stop shaking.
This time the Fly needs replacing. A couple of minutes later, the fish start feeding again. This is amazing, I’m in the right spot at the right time – for a change! Again, second cast – BANG!! – hit like a train !!! There is no sip and suck here, I’m not used to fish
hitting the fly so hard !! but this time I’m a bit softer in the hands and the hook sets. Eventually, this fish circumes to my trusty net(this one I’m taking home) – 46cm Rainbow in excellent condition. I have to mention – this fish took me to the backing twice, and when I mistakenly prepared ‘to land’, thinking it had ‘had enough’, proceeded to have another 3 x long runs!! Geez, there’s a lot of fish – I can see rises and boils for about 100 mtrs. Is this normal !! I always have a good time – whenever I’ve got a Fly Rod in hand, applying a process and having it work – makes the trip a great one. This trip was always going to be a ‘quick day trip’. I’ll be back ASAP. I know that conditions change quickly and what works today, might not work tomorrow. But for me, this visit was about ‘going outside the box’, and doing something unfamiliar. If this trip is any indication of the coming season – we’re in for a good one.
Nice to see Rainbows.
I look forward to seeing you soon, if not this week – definitely next weekend.
I’ll give you a ring.
Thanks Gaz that a great read and awesome info



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