The Troutanator

This report was written by a mate {aka Troutanator} who fished the Eucumbene river Monday 20th April .    Sorry I didn’t catch-up after time on the river, but I finished fishing at 1500hrs.
  Well, its not often that you have that much fun – without actually landing/releasing a fish…. I followed 3 X RV’s off the highway, unfortunately they went straight to where I had planned to start. So I commenced fishing in the ‘hole/run’ upstream. Not a particularly ‘choice’ spot, but I didn’t want to ‘crowd’ these other guys out!  Started fishing about 1100hrs – 3rd cast – connected with ‘A Monster’ – unfortunately I didn’t get a visual – was connected for what felt like 10 minutes. I couldn’t get the thing to get off the bottom, no big run – I actually felt the fish was oblivious to the situation. I Tried to get a reaction by walking up and down stream, but the best the fish would do, was move a couple of metres up or down stream –  then back to point ‘A’. Eventually the hook pulled. Very satisfied that the process had produced – your advice was spot-on !  A change of glow-bug required, as this one was smashed !!! trailing Bugger OK.
  After a nerve settling cuppa tea, and knowing that I probably disturbed every other fish in the area, but other options were minimal as a lot of fellow anglers, fishing close. I decided to continue, in this same ‘hole’.
  Back to the business –  again, after a couple of casts – ‘Bang !!!’ Fish on !!, a leap ! guess-amation ( 5 – 6lb +) another leap – hook thrown……. on inspection, this time the bugger(smashed) needed replacing. This isn’t bad, only cast 6 times and connected twice.
  Without writing a book, this pattern continued for the next hour. Sometimes it was 15mins between strikes, sometimes consecutive casts produced an event. Yes, a couple of times I was too slow to react and a lot of snagging on the bottom, but not a lot of lost gear. I was connected to 8 fish, got a visual on 4. All quality Buck Browns. Maybe with a bit more luck and experience I would have landed something for the session, but I’m not complaining – can’t wait to get back….Talked to a few of the guys that were on the river,  a few had done OK, but a lot were left ‘scratching their heads’.  Not enough weight.
As previously discussed – the water was quite murky. The weather slowly improved the whole time I was there.   If I’m not up next week – I’ll see you 1st week in May.

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