Tom Couvret fishing report

Thanks for the chat on Friday. Always enjoy coming into see you – reckon you give more honest info than anyone else in the mountains. Friday night we set up camp. Fished with another guy who caught a nice brown of about 4 pounds on a matuka, missed a couple of others. I missed one or two as well, but the mudeyes went crazy that night – we picked them up of rocks, trees, everywhere. Fish were rising all over, but we couldn’t get hits. Nice evening by the lake with a big fire though. Highlight was seeing the Aurora, which I never have before. Saturday we went for a look up at the upper Bidgee, as Steve had never seen it. Lovely spot, we played with a few tiddlers with the kids, young Will picked one up which was his first in a stream. Then back to the lake for the evening. Huge hatch of caddis as it got dark. Could hardly see the lake for the moths between us and the water. Lots of rises, I switched to my favourite and connected with this…Didn’t weigh it, we reckon you would be a better (more honesty?) judge… What do you reckon? Till next time,  I think around the 6lbs mark, Tom and thanks for your report always nice to get someone else’s views on what’s happening in the area .





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