Fishing Blog 31st May

What a week some rain and plenty of snow and to say the weather was  rough was an under statement feral more like it, The weekend was the worst weather wise I have seen for a while and it seemed the anglers had come from everywhere for that weekend. the fish also started  to move into the river due to the extra flow from the rain and snow melt. Guided Greg on the Eucumbene river on Saturday morning very cold as you can see landed some nice browns,
As mid week approached the weather was on the mend with big frosts and blue sky days the fishing was getting better every day and so was the size of fish .
Picked up a fishing buddy that followed me for a while but he kept his distance , I have heard of some dogs following anglers but I don’t think they are any danger .
Good news first stage of the big trout face lift is finished meet the new big trout looks great
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