What a week! One of the hottest spells of weather I have experienced since moving here 20 years ago and I’m sure the fishing will improve as the weather slips back into a more normal weather pattern

Fishing from the edge of the lake has been hard work most action very late at night or very early in the morning plenty of time for a siesta in the middle of the day. Trolling has been the best technique for landing the fish at the moment and the reason why is quiet simple. The lake has been dropping due to the power demand from the very hot spell this drives the fish out wider and deeper also the lack of hatches over the extreme weather period has got the fish down very deep {around 12 to 15mts } hunting yabbies not a perfect situation but one that will change soon I would think.

The rivers have got some quality fish in them but they are just not playing the game at the moment I have spotted some nice fish but they see you coming from a long way and when you can get close to them you can’t get a cast in. The good news is the numbers of fry and fingerlings in the rivers they are everywhere.

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