Aquatic Moths on Eucumbene Myth or Fact

Myths , Legends , Lies and other fishing facts
This is what greeted me a few days after I got home let’s just call them stories from the lake it would appear that there has been some huge moth hatches over the last month or so as the weather has warmed up very quickly . This phenomenon is not happening every night and is also wide spread but the sources are reliable so this is the low down on the Aquatic Moth as the story goes you’re fly-fishing the edge of the lake not much happening and as the light fades and the water glasses off you can just make out a few objects appearing on the surface and then fly away and within 10 to 15 minutes there is more and more then you hear them smashing and slashing and moving in closer almost like you’re at a Salmon farm and have thrown pallets in the water out of nowhere these Trout appear in a feeding frenzy if the conditions stay right it can last a good hour then once the moths stop so do the Trout . These moths should swim to the shore and dry there wings but maybe if the conditions are right they can do it on the surface of the lake who no’s
Aquatic moths undergo ‘complete metamorphosis’, which involves passing through four complete life stages. These are the egg, the larvae, the pupa, and the adult stages.
Great to be back home in Adaminaby and sorry the updating from nz didn’t work I have more clips to post but will try to get more info on these moths .

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