Finally some spare time

Sorry to take so long to finally get some info on the web page it just seems like last week when the rivers opened . Then before I new it it was Trout Festival time some fantastic fish caught during the week then as soon as that was over I was off to the Mother Land New Zealand South Island of course only joking .Finally back from the wilderness of the back country and to more civilised digs after being stuck with Bear Grills , Grizzly Adams and Clark Griswald that’s me .In the next few days I will try to get to a computer that will be able to down load some of the video we have shot the fishing has been the best for years and the weather on the West Coast was the driest for many years not like what’s happening at home at the moment .Spotting large Brown Trout cruising in the rivers and lakes is the best I have experienced for many years the only negative is the Sandflies are also as active as the Trout.
Pics to follow I hope need to go and catch more fish

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