Tough times on Eucumbene

The opening weekend was very tough with the water flowing fast and gin clear the inexperienced angler was doing it hard and for those of us who consider ourselves good anglers well we also did it hard I did spot some nice fish up in the high country very spooky even at that early stage of the season. It would appear most fish spawned very early and were back in the lake after that big flood in mid-September. Over the last few weeks I have been fishing the Eucumbene river from the lake up to the tree line the fish are there but mostly resident fish hiding during the day I was on the river last week just before the storm hit didn’t see a fish then just before the storm hit the ant hatch started and within 15mins the water that I had fished was alive with rises this was the case for the next 2 days until that cold snap hit us again. I think if the weather ever settles into a normal pattern of sunny days and warmer nights the rivers will come to life we are still having frosts at the moment.
Trolling on the lake is just starting to fire up and all the fish are in excellent condition the fly is still a little slow around the edges of the lake but that will change.

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