Eucumbene River

Sorry about the heavy breathing thought I cut it out but the phone is a little harder to figure out for this old bloke but as you can see from the footage below the fish have started to move into the river. The river is low and the fish are quite exposed at times but that really depends on the fisho traffic last week I was up there on my own and the fish were everywhere once the weekend came the fish went for cover . I have spotted some monsters but in this clear water they are very tough but not impossible. Over the next few weeks I’m sure the Trout numbers in the river will increase and if it ever rains here again they will move thru in big numbers. The Eucumbene river is a very unique fishery and does need protection all these Browns are wild fish not stocked so if you want your kids to experience this special fishery release all female fish as they will be fat with eggs and make sure you know the difference between the sexes and also make sure the fish is put back in the water as soon as possible you can still get a photo and rest the fish in the water between shots this will make the release easier for all concerned. Yes you may get cold hands but its not always about you is it ???

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