Finally some good rainfall

Conditions in the Snowy Mountains could only be describe as extreme some of the hottest weather I have experienced since I have lived here making the fishing even tougher than normal. Good news finally some good rainfall over the last day or two and things are getting back to normal with cooler nights and some bigger hatches of Mudeye’s Im thinking this will continue for the next few months In the past Feb and March can produce some huge hatches of Mudeye’s so fingers crossed that this will be the case this year also .I have had a lot of calls about the fires and it would appear that most thought the fires were around this area not so we didn’t even get any smoke they were well away and hopefully it stays that way . The rivers have been a little quiet but you would expect that with the lack of rain . Now we have had some good rainfall I would think they would improve almost straight away the best fly fishing has been very early or late around the edge of the lakes I’m pretty sure this will continue until the rivers receive a lot more rain and cool off a little.
The trollers are doing ok on Leadcore or Snap weights down around the 15ft to 20ft mark .

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