Lake Eucumbene

Another hot day in the mountains and the word is the fish are out deep because the water is to warm well that maybe the case when the sun is out but once that big ball of fire in the sky sets the Browns come in to feed I have been a little slack lately so I thought nothing else to do have some dinner and go fishing . Forgot the camera so there was one of the better sunsets I have seen for a long time that’s a given when you forget the box brownie { camera} . Perfect ripple on the water started with a woolly bugger nothing! the surface of the lake glassed off I got p/off and then I thought well might as well swap to a wee woolly worm brown my favourite small fly on pain in the Glass water very slow retrieve just so you can stay in touch with the fly a few fish were moving out wide but not in close so I drifted into my normal fishing and meditation mood with someone playing the car radio the sound was lingering above the lake Sgt Peppers by the Beatles that brought back some memories next thing I was wakened from 1967 and back to the future with a small resistance on the fly with an instinctive lift of the rod all hell broke loose but not the fish after a 5 minute fight a perfect conditioned female Brown Trout around 1.5kgs no camera so back in the water asap. The next 30 to 40 mins plenty of fish around 2 more landed Rainbows nice and fat but only .5kgs then it really went quite the music had gone and so had the fish it was 10.30 and time to head home .

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