Tantangara report

As you can see from the short clips below Tantangara is looking awesome and the fly fishing is also.
This week of hot weather has really kicked the insects into gear with huge hatches of Mayflies , Midge and some of the biggest Crane flies I have ever seen as well as Dragon flies everywhere. We all know how hard these fish can be when they start chasing Dragon flies coming in very close to the waters edge but you can fool them every now and then. Hunting these fish can lock you into the same mind set the fish have they are so engrossed in what they are hunting they can let there guard down a little and so can the angler so keep your eyes open for snakes while your hunting your prey. The evening rise has been the best I have seen for a while and to top that off just before dark and with the right weather conditions in they come Bogong Moths and all you can here is the gulping down of these tasty little moths , They appear to fly down and get a drink of water fluttery on the surface for a few seconds then take off a very dangerous practice . The fishing isnt easy but it never is .

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