Murrumbidgee River

Back home now and the weather gods are smiling on us at the moment had great day out guiding a couple of very keen fly fishers James and Jeremy on the Murrumbidgee River perfect conditions with a light breeze and very sunny not much dry fly action unfortunately. But still some very feisty rainbows landed using the nymph dropper technique . The last few days have been quite cool so another insect cycle has been interrupted yet again and to top that off Eucumbene has started to drop yet again. The good news is Tantangara is still rising and really looking good I will take a trip up there today for a little research and development .
Had a top trip with Paul Darby [aka: fish magnet ] in N.Z. Lake Brunner is just a great place in the right conditions .We covered a lot of Ks but we did have some old friends to catch up with and some fish to catch up with too . Christchurch to Greymouth then down the West Coast to Haast then over the Southern Alps to Wanaka then Omarama and finally back to Christchurch still plenty of fishing done. Not sure the fish count was right ?????
Not that it’s a competition.

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