Tantangara Spring Day

Headed upto Tantangara for the day to do some polaroiding on the best day we have had for a long time , light breeze and big blue sky what more could a fly angler want. After a 3ks of walking score was 4 fish spotted and none landed , Not a very good result but a great day out all the same as you can see from the video below the lake is still dropping most of this area was under water 6 weeks ago , Landed a few fish in the deeper water useing a Woolly Buggers . Best action happened around 6pm till dark using small nymphs and midge dry’s average size fish nothing large on that day .
Fly fishing Eucumbene has also been a mixed bag just need the weather to get a little warmer and the Ant and Midge hatches will start the fish moving on top.
Trolling is still a little hard also but is improving each day by the time the Snowy Mountains Trout Festival starts it should be fireing .
Bait fishing these guys have been getting the best results with worms and power bait mudeyes should be set too kick into gear also

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