About to take a break for 3 weeks on my normal {sabbatical} Trout Tour of N.Z. So I thought I would bring you up to date with the fishing before I go. Tantangara has been fishing like it always does the start of the season if the weather is right the fish are there on the edge but very spooky hanging flies is not my go but a pair of Nymphs or my favourite Woolly Worms on a dead slow retrieve is getting good results if your bait fishing Scrub worms or Grubs are the go there is some Dry fly action but again very patchy it’s all about the weather at this time of year plenty of storms rolling thru so the Beetle hatches won’t be far off . The rivers are looking a treat with plenty of flow in the smaller streams and Eucumbene and Murrumbidgee Rivers running nice and high the fishing is ok but if the warmer weather swings in for a week or so the dry fly will be awesome. Believe it or not some fish are still spawning in the high-country streams. Lake Eucumbene has been a troller’s paradise for weeks now and should start to favour the shore based angler soon very hard with the fly a big fly inched along the bottom or hanging flies on a very slow retrieve . The sight fishing hasn’t kicked in yet and it should by the time I’m back . I haven’t seen a lot of snakes this year so far I’m sure when they become more active so will the fishing action GREAT .So this page might be a little quiet for a few weeks if you want to see what I’m up to sight fishing on the South Island go to Facebook : Adaminaby Angler or Col Sinclair .


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