Nymph packs

Finally got my act together here’s the Nymph pack I have been talking about 40 nymphs for $50.00+$10.00 post and packing call 0427541180 or Email adaminaby.angler@bigpond.com

Only a week to go before rivers open and Trout season starts and it’s looking awesome the rivers are high and running fast the smaller streams are also looking great so bring it on Nymph fishing is the go either with glow bug and small nymph trailing not far behind or double nymph rig with a flashy attractor and a smaller natural nymph to follow the way the river flow is maybe a large thing-a-ma-bobber indicator and bombs to get you down . If your new to the sport or even if your an old hand at it drop in and have a chat about this style or any other help you need with your fishing .

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