Overview of the hatchery work .

Here is the overview of the hatchery works over the last few weeks; All our eggs for the 17-18 stocking season have been laid down and the trap has been taken out as of the 30th August. Although the spawning run started late due toa lack of water and rain events, the Browns ran really well, with 2247 individuals recorded before the trap was taken out, and more still in the system near the hatchery. 400000 eggs have been laid down at Gaden , with another 600000 set aside for Dutton Hatchery. We have about 300,000 wild RT eggs laid down for the Jindabyne and Eucumbene allocation, and 800,000 eggs from our 2+ and 3+ broodstock, which have all been mixed with wild males. The trapped Rainbow count for the year was 366 individuals, with many more seen after the trap was taken out. About 25000 rainbow trout eggs were collected from Hughes and Tolbar creeks in the Eucumbene system on the 31st August. Once hatched, these fish will act as a genetic variation for the Jindabyne system, and future broodstock.

The findings from the coded wire tagging program were as follows;

Hughes Ck- total R/T collected 229 including 6 tagged 2 false detection’s due to fish hooks ect.

Tolbar Ck total R/T collected 102 including 1 tagged

Hatchery collected 366 Rainbow trout from the Thredbo River, with a total of 26 fish tagged and 4 false detection’s due to fish hooks etc. These tagged fish were from 3 year classes.All unwanted 2+ 3+ rainbow  trout broodstock (230 individuals) have been released into Lake Jindabyne with an elastomer implant (pink) inserted near the left eye(please see attached photo). Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon have just started to hatch, with the brown hatchlings running a bit late due to the late trapping season.If anyone would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details below.Regards,  Mitchel Elkins | Acting Hatchery Manager

Mitch . Gaden Trout Hatchery NSW Department of Primary Industries |  T:0428786644| E: mitchell.elkins@dpi.nsw.gov.au W: www.dpi.nsw.gov.au | www.industry.nsw.gov.au

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