Snowy Mountains high-country

Like I said my opinion only based on the observations of the Lake conditions during the year leading up to the spawning run. All the research done on Trout all around the world is done during the spawning run it is the best time to check on the population of the fish and there condition or lack of condition before spawning. All the Browns in Lake Eucumbene are wild fish there is no stocking of Brown Trout so it gives you a very good idea on how they are handling the changing of the climate conditions. The impact on the food source in the Lake and how the fish adapt to these changes, so we all would remember or heard of the huge Mudeye hatches of the 70s,80s,and 90s but that has changed over the last decade or so and the fish had to adapt, yes there are still Mudeye hatches but nothing like the past.

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