Season done and dusted

Well to say that was a unique closing season would be an understatement a lot of disappointed anglers who are just finding out that if your fishing skill is not to standard and the fish numbers are down you will struggle the one question that I was being asked continually was what’s happened to the fish short answer is it’s called fishing not catching. But the real answer was a lot harder to find now after everything has settled down and we still haven’t had a flood in the Eucumbene river maybe all the signs that where there leading up to the close of the season are a little easier to read the value of hindsight is a wonderful thing . This is my opinion on what unfolded from a really wet spring that hung on too mid-December and everything being late to a very hot summer in the mountains that also started late and then the late summer that also hung on the too April and the lead up to winter was also very mild but the frosts of late April and May were more like the good old days but no rain of any significance to flood the river and allow the fish to move in that is if they were there to start with. Which brings me to the next thought process as I said my opinion only over the last 8 years except for this season the spawning run has been world class so the weather was one factor this also impacted on the food source for the Trout and another strange occurrence was over the last 5 to 6 years there had been a large population of Pelicans 3 seasons ago I counted 55 and also Cormorants in the hundreds but this season only 1 Pelican and a few Cormorants it would appear that the birds and the fish are well ahead of us when it comes to reading what’s happening around us. I know this may not of answered any questions and that’s fishing always a good spot around the next bend or over the hill. Tackle shop is packed away for the next few months and I have Snowerks Ski & Snowboard Hire up and running for the next 2 months. Enjoy the break I know I wont.

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