Eucumbene river gold

Just thought I would attempt to bring everyone up to date with the spawning run the fish have been steadily moving into the river some nights in there tens and other nights in there pairs or foursomes and then there’s plenty of nights they push in and then return to the lake I saw this with my own eye’s last week when I was guiding a couple of clients it was unbelievable they swam back past us in a line like a massive snake 2 or 3 fish wide and 5mts-7mts long back down 2 sets of rapids and heading towards the lake . The fishing at the moment isn’t easy in fact it’s quite technical at times and you need to be willing to change tactics if needed. I still think the large fish move in about this time of year and I will be up there checking to see how the numbers are again this week as I do every week and have done for the last 20 years. The rain should see a good run of fish but with no rain predicted for the next 12 days anything could happen at any time once they make their mind up they just go in my opinion 101/2lbs of Euc river gold Length 80cms. Well done Mimi


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