Opening Weekend

What a weekend
Hit the river very early 5.45am a convoy of 4x4s Toyota would of been proud of.
After 2 days of heavy rain you can imagine how the river looked well I thought I could but not so
it was our worst nightmare the river was almost unfishable very high, dirty and the flow was as quick as it can get . A quick team meeting and we all said nothing we can’t handle plenty of weight and we will be right .
As 6.00am approached and as the light got brighter the wind started to pickup as did the sago snow and
rain then stronger wind and more snow after 2hrs and only 1 take in below freezing conditions with frozen fingers I was a beaten man back to the shop for a hot drink and some food.
As we arrived back in town the snow got even heavier and so did the wind this was a blizard as good as we get.
This was an opening weekend I would rather forget only a few fish Feral conditions and I’m sure the fish have been flushed back into the lake as the river is still very slow at the moment.
On the other hand the lake is fishing better than normal with great quality Browns and Rainbows being caught .

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