Guy & Louis fishing report

Guy Faber & his Chicago-born friend Louis Litrenta – Dec 3/4th 2016.Col just wanted to thank you for your help & direction.I’m happy to report we followed your advice & had a wonderful weekend fly-fishing.Taking up your suggestion, we stayed at Cool Mountain Lodge, we enjoyed a breathtaking evening & morning rise session (5 fish total) on mainly dark-coloured & green small mergers, with thin bodies.


The morning of Saturday 4th, started awesomely, with me taking my personal best Brown Trout on the lake verge – 4.6kilo/10.1lb.It was on the windward side of the Eucumbene lake, dead drifting the fly in wind-induced ripples, only about 7-8ft out from the shore, before 9am. The take was an unforgettable full head & enormous jaw slow-motion take that will fill many a sleepless night to come.


The fly was a thinly-dressed, slim-bodied Klinkhammer emerger in a dark merlot wine colour.


Otherwise, during the day, we used our normal go-to ‘mixed grill’… Royal Wulff  or Blowfly as the indicator above the self-tied “Junebug CatCollar” (my cat’s guard hairs as the collar, on a small brown nymph (sz 14). 3aaa

Apart from the massive brown, the other stand-out was the colouring of Lou’s small brown.All fish were returned after revival.



On the way home – a spectacular rear tyre blow out coming back towards Canberra through the beautfful Namadgi National park.5aaa

Thanks Guy for the excellent fishing report always good to have someone else put fingers to the key board and from the conversation and the pictures looks like another great adventure you and Louis had not sure the back road is worth the drama it can cause.



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