Rainbow glow bug : Test 1

This was the first cast with the Rainbow bug very promising and did I tell you how cold the water is at the moment

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Perfect days fishing


Glen with a classic Eucumbene river brown awesome looking fish and happily released back into the river .

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What a day

Not the best for leaning to fly fish but we did survive  I have left the sound on so you can hear the wind . And you can see how high the Eucumbene river is thought I was back in NZ .    Old mate Col he was still smiling at the end of the day well done mate plenty of people would have chucked the towel in .

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Nice work Vaughan

Sorry about the camera work but things get a little hectic when the clients catches a fish and runs in front of you. The fish made it’s escape while everyone was trying to sort out who would take the picture very funny the look on Vaughan’s face when it gave him the slip was priceless


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Yesterday’s adventure

As you can see the Browns are coloured up and with the next rain the spawning run will really fire up

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Yes it has started

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Well done Corey that is a great looking Brown

040Some days when your guiding and spotting big fish that doesn’t always mean your going to catch them this was the last cast for the day and a great result persistence and patience is always rewarded you just never know when. That’s fly fishing.037

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Tony with a Eucumbene monster

Tony 2

A very happy angler Tony Dawkins Glenmaggie wines himself has featured on my web page before always gets here when the fish are on last time it was a long distance release not this time a photo and released Tony isn’t keen on wearing waders or getting wet but that was soon forgotten when he hooked this Top quality Eucumbene brown 74cms .

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Trophy Brown 10.5lbs and 71cms long

Ric 1 Ric 2The pictures maybe a little hazy but I think you would agree that is a great looking fish 10.5lbs on the old scale well done Ric Perna the first run of Brown’s for the season 71cms long

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Adrian & Co



Hi Col,

It was great to be up at Adaminaby again. It had been 12 months since our last trip. Monday was a crackin day we picked up 17 trout for the day. Fish were at varying depths between 2 and 21 feet.  Fish were taking minnow lures and winged lures with sunset and green frog pattern doing best and the trout pattern in rainbow colour also accounting for a few rainbows. Most fish were around 30-40cm. However we caught 2 Browns at 55cm both on the brown trout rapala. On the Tuesday we fished anglers reach and had our best day on the water for a long time. With some quality fish caught. Fish changed what they were taking throughout the day and the winged lures we used yesterday only accounted for 2 fish. The purpledescent and brown trout  rapalas accounted for 16 fish.  2 fish  reached a fine 58cm. There were also a few times where fish were lost straight after a strike. We found by varying the speeds fixed this issue. On the Wednesday we caught another 13 fish on a mixed range of lures the best being Brook trout rapala but as the barometer dropped the  fish simply shut down. Overall we had a great few days and a very enjoyable time. A special thanks to Dean and the bar staff at the Snow goose who were very welcoming as always.  See you next year!

the boys from Bright and  Lakes.

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